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January 2016

In all, Seventy-Five Knights were present to witness the installation of Brother Kt. Andrew Gavin Barden as a member of our Order.

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Officers Appointed 2020



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1st Herald


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The Preceptory was consecrated at Keynsham on the 3rd June 1975. The ceremony was conducted by the  Provincial Prior, V.E.Kt.W.B.Clatworthy K.C.T., assisted by officers of Great Priory and of Provincial Priory.

There were 19 founders present and, following the consecration, the Provincial Sub-Prior, Very Eminent Knight Dr.G.W.R.Bishop installed the first Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt.G.T.Garlick.

The Preceptory is named after St. Keyna, a British Saint who lived in the 6th century A.D. the daughter of a Welsh Prince, we are told that she left home seeking peace and contentment, and eventually settled at the spot now known as Keynsham. Legend informs us that she found the people there troubled greatly by poisonous serpents and, grasping one of these firmly in both hands, she beseeched the Lord to rid the surrounding countryside of this menace. In answer to her plea the serpents were turned into stones, and this is said to account for the many ammonites to be found in the lias rocks even to this day.

The Preceptory banner was dedicated by the Very Eminent Provincial Prior on the 3rd June 1980. The banner depicts St. Keyna clasping a serpent, and the origin of its design is to be found in a small piece of material, about 1.5 inches square, which was discovered in a room at the Keynsham Masonic Hall.


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E.Kt.Malcolm Behling




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Next Meeting

Tuesday 28 October 2021 - Installation


Officers are requested to inform the Marshal if they are unable to be present and undertake their duties at the meeting.


Details regarding the rehearsal will  be advised


Dining arrangements will be made for all Knights who return the Reservation Slip together with the appropriate payment not later than seven days before the meeting.

Special dietary needs arranged on request

Meals booked and not taken WILL be charged.

Bar available

Recent Notable Events

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2019 ….. E.Kt. M Saunders

2019 ….. E.Kt. D N Griffin

2018 ….. E.Kt. D R Branch

2017 ….. E.Kt. T. Harrison

2016 ….. E.Kt. M J Gill

2015 ….. E.Kt. M A Wake

2014 ….. E.Kt. D M Stevens

2013 ….. E.Kt. M H Behling

2012 ….. E.Kt. W C Parks   

2011 ….. E.Kt. J R Fletcher

2010 ….. E.Kt. R A Sheppard PGtStdB(B)

2009 ….. E.Kt. E W Cannon

2008 ….. E.Kt. M J Hanham

2007 ….. E.Kt. F E Kyte   

2006 ….. E.Kt. R J Bray

2005 ….. E.Kt. R Guthrie PGtA-de-C

2004 ….. E.Kt. G S Mackenzie

2003 ….. E.Kt. G P Sweeney

2002 ….. E.Kt. R K Hartley

2001 ….. E.Kt. A B Jenkins

2000 ….. E.Kt. A T Jones PGtStdB(B)

1999 ….. E.Kt.  A H P Forse

1998 ….. E.Kt. J W G Creech

1997 ….. E.Kt. C Lowther  

1996 ….. E.Kt. J R Hawkins

1995 ….. E.Kt. A L Thompson PGtA-de-C

1994 ….. E.Kt. M F Thatcher

1993 ….. E.Kt. P J Cooper

1992 ….. E.Kt. R F Durbur

1991 ….. E.Kt. B R Varcoe

1990 ….. E.Kt. M J Smith

1989 ….. E.Kt. K G Gough

1988 ….. E.Kt. R H Needs

1987 ….. E.Kt. L D Shillitoe

1986 ….. E.Kt. P Cooper  PGtA-de-C

1985 ….. E.Kt. D G Pepperell

1984 ….. E.Kt. A F Lloyd

1983 ….. E.Kt. J M Williams

1982 ….. E.Kt. J G Carr

1981 ….. E.Kt. K C G Williams

1980 ….. E.Kt. W A Stone

1979 ….. E.Kt. N M Clark

1978 ….. E.Kt. L H A Brown

1977 ….. E.Kt. G A West

1976 ….. E.Kt. E C Fowler

1975 ….. E.Kt. G.T.Garlick (inaugural)


Honours Board

January 2017

The ceremony was conducted in a most splendid manner by the Eminent Prior assisted by his Officers. The REPP conferred the accolade and the Address was ably delivered by E.Kt.Creech, E.Kt.Jones, E.Kt.Parks and E.Kt.Sheppard.

Bro.Kt.Smith also receieved his patent from the REPP.