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E.Kt.Colin Wilson


E.Kt.Gary Baird

March  2018

Footnote: Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I think I require  a new camera[man]

Estune Command Preceptory No.354 Meets at The Masonic Hall, Nailsea Park, Nailsea BS48 1BA,  on the fourth Thursday of March (Malta), May, and September @ 6:30 p.m. Eminent Preceptor E.Kt. Colin E. Smith - Installed 26th September 2019



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Captain of Guards






The Preceptory was consecrated at Nailsea on the 15th April 1957, the ceremony being performed by the  Very High and Great Seneshal, Sir Eric Studd, assisted by officers of Great Priory and of Provincial Priory.

There were a total of 16 founders and, following the consecration, the Provincial Prior, Very Eminent Knight G.Travers Biggs, installed the first Eminent Preceptor, E.Kt.K.J.Barrah. Another of the founders was E.Kt.H.L.Fuller who had been appointed to serve as Provincial Grand Master in the Mark Degree two years earlier.

The name of the Preceptory is derived, in part, from “Estune” the old Anglo-Saxon name for Long Ashton, as recorded in the Doomsday Book, and which means, “the tree in the Garden”. The name also acknowledges the existance of an ancient camp, Cadbury Camp, which was sited in the area and which, like all other camps, would have included a command post.

The banner, dedicated in the presence of the Right Eminent provincial Prior on the 28th September 1995, includes an illustration of a sword pointing downwards to an oak tree which, in turn, arises from a representation of the Doomsday Book bearing the date 1086.


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Thursday 23 September 2021 - Installation


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2019 ….. E.Kt. C E Smith

2018 ….. E.Kt. J C Mansell

2017 ….. E.Kt. D J Hinder

2016 ….. E.Kt. B McCormack

2015 ….. E.Kt. G J Baird  

2014 ….. E.Kt. R J Ellis

2013 ….. E.Kt. B Aston  

2012 ….. E.Kt. R A Reeve

2011 ….. E.Kt. C G J Wilson MBE

2010 ….. E.Kt. A J Chivers

2009 ….. E.Kt. R T C A Thompson

2008 ….. E.Kt. J L Wyatt

2007 ….. E.Kt. G J J Penny

2006 ….. E.Kt. D B Nelson

2005 ….. E.Kt. W G Elliott

2004 ….. E.Kt. A B Parker

2003 ….. E.Kt. S L Brailey

2002 ….. E.Kt. A Atkinson

2001 ….. E.Kt. P A Cobley

2000 ….. E.Kt. W Wood  

1999 ….. E.Kt. S H Hodge

1998 ….. E.Kt. W H D Evans

1997 ….. E.Kt. D C J Stephens   

1996 ….. E.Kt. N H Cowen

1995 ….. E.Kt. A J Rees

1994 ….. E.Kt. W F Jefford

1993 ….. E.Kt. C F Hunt

1992 ….. E.Kt. D A Blasdale

1991 ….. E.Kt. M A Gale

1990 ….. E.Kt. R D Bex  

1989 ….. E.Kt. D F Dove

1988 ….. E.Kt. D G A Quemby

1987 ….. E.Kt. M Brocklebank

1986 ….. E.Kt. W R Barker

1985 ….. E.Kt. R J Bowen-Ashwin

1984 ….. E.Kt. M G R Fussell

1983 ….. E.Kt. M A Cameron

1982 ….. E.Kt. N G Bascombe

1981 ….. E.Kt. G A Piercy

1980 ….. E.Kt. E R J Biles

1979 ….. E.Kt. H J Ward

1978 ….. E.Kt. J Boultbee

1977 ….. E.Kt. L R Trotman

1976 ….. E.Kt. N H Law

1975 ….. E.Kt. G A Howe

1974 ….. E.Kt. G E Flamank

1973 ….. E.Kt. M D Mereweather

1972 ….. E.Kt. H L Franklin

1971 ….. E.Kt. K J Adams

1970 ….. E.Kt. R H Whiteley

1969 ….. E.Kt. M W Rogers

1968 ….. E.Kt. Dr J H Davie

1967 ….. E.Kt. A E King

1966 ….. E.Kt. F G Mogg, GM

1965 ….. E.Kt. E A W Farmer

1964 ….. E.Kt. T J Holms

1963 ….. E.Kt. L W J Clist

1962 ….. E.Kt. J G Appleby

1961 ….. E.Kt. J G Appleby

1960 ….. E.Kt. C H Savage

1959 ….. E.Kt. W H Bateman, MC, TD

1958 ….. E.Kt. A A Farmer

1957 ….. E.Kt. L Watts-Morgan OBE

1957 ….. E.Kt. K J Barrah

September 2016